martes, 11 de enero de 2011

conversation with cubby

I think we all are, yes. Absolutely. See, which is interesting because, obviously, every second of every day, people are being born, people are dying, which means whatever this “it” is, changes. It’s in constant change, constant flux. Yet, I want to keep it still. [laughs] And I think that’s the source of so many of my problems, and I guess you could say the world’s problems: is that we’re trying to control it, instead of just surrendering to it.

Are good an evil two sides of the same face of God?
Do you believe in evil as an independent, autonomous force that acts within us or against us? Or is evil, as the Church has sometimes defined it, merely the “absence of good?”

I just don’t seem to be capable of believing in evil as some separate, distinct power within itself. I just don’t seem to be capable of believing in it, somehow. I don’t ... I can’t conceive, from my experience, how this force of evil can exist without the force of love being right there

And in this world of duality, naturally, the question would be: Well, what’s the counterpoint of the demon? Which is why I asked about the angels.

Well, actually, the counterpoint is love. As I understand it, there are only two emotions a human being can experience: love or fear. And when you’re in a state of love, you can’t think of trying to get anything. You’re incapable of thinking that way. You just seem to experience the perfection of creation and want to do what you can to make everyone comfortable–you just give away everything you have. When I talk about giving away, I’m not talking about my clothes or my house–from within me. You know, try to comfort people.

If I’m coming from any place else, I’m coming from fear, and fear takes many, many, many forms to be effective. All kinds of forms. So, if I’m facing the demon of fear, love is always available. But what I have to do is to be willing to surrender to it. Surrender my ideas: of what is right, what is wrong, and all those dreadful judgments that keep us in turmoil and ignorance and misery.

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  1. che! te aviso, que ya está en cartelera el ilusionista, asiq anda antes de q las saquen porq cada jueves estan estrenando muchas películas!!! yo la vi en el belgrano multiplex, pero si no la encontras ahora en los cines normales, está en el arteplex..